Top 6 Interactive Fitness Equipment For Your Home Gym

There are several reasons to have a home gym –

  1. Can’t find the time to go to the gym
  2. There is no gym near you
  3. You want fun play equipment in your home that you can play with and stay active
  4. You have young children and cannot leave them

Other reasons can be added to this list to justify the addition interactive fitness equipment at your home gym. There is a range of exercise game machines one can explore for a full body workout that will fit into a compact space. It is suitable for all ages, so if your family includes adults, children and teenagers, it can be used by everyone at home. Exercise equipment combines virtual reality and augmented reality apps and devices to deliver an uplifting workout and play experience.

You should choose exercise equipment for your home gym based on its purpose, the space available, and the quality and effectiveness of the equipment.

Here are the Top 6 interactive fitness equipment for your home gym

1. Interactive fitness bike

When a stationary bike is hooked up to the TV or tablet, or you’re wearing a pair of VR goggles, then what you have is a interactive fitness bike. You can set the scene for any route you want to take, choose to go solo or company, or you can play a live role-playing game. You can track the distance you have traveled, calories burned and your speed. Additionally, you can choose settings for cycling uphill, downhill, or on different types of terrain.

2. Wall games

Interactive aptitude Wall games are usually equipped with projectors or large screens and can be played by people of all ages. Wall games can be played alone or in groups. There are Wall exercise game equipment such as TapWall or MotionMagix Wall which are full of games and applications that can be played by everyone. It will keep you moving and give you an intense cardio and core workout.

3. Interactive rowing machine

Just like the interactive fitness bike, the interactive rower comes with an LCD screen or VR goggles on which you can choose the river you want to row in, you can choose an avatar and the type of boat or canoe, and do many fun things. You can explore the Amazon or virtually participate in a live role-playing game. As you row hard to stay afloat and keep moving towards your goal, your body will burn real calories and give you a powerful workout for the duration of the game.

4. The Reax station – compact

Reax station is the ultimate interactive fitness equipment that uses light colors to motivate the athlete’s movements. It follows the reactivity training format which challenges the athlete to react to specific muscle bands. It comes with a computerized scorer and timer that can be controlled by the athlete. It has several attachments that can be separated by the athlete to create their personalized workouts.

5. Active Floor Games

These include dance and step games that are played on mats that can easily be folded up after a practice session. You can also purchase projector-based floor games where light or graphics are projected onto the floor and the athlete can play. these games use the help of light, music and atmosphere to create an immersive gaming experience. Everyone has played dancing games but there are also many fun sports like football which can be played with virtual light beams which can be launched on the field.

6. The Ladder Mill

Laddermill is the ultimate interactive fitness equipment for climbing exercises. The compact machine can be set up in any part of the house and its rotating climbing walls can be used for a series of intensive and fun workouts. It is self-contained, non-powered climbing equipment with adjustments for angles and grips.

All this equipment takes up very little space, provides a full body workout, and won’t make you regret missing the gym. The number of activities loaded into this gear will motivate you to keep moving and staying active throughout the day.

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