Tieche celebrates a decade of physical training

PORT CLINTON – Ten years ago, Army veteran Trevor Tieche moved his successful personal training business from central Ohio to Port Clinton and opened Bodi N Balance, a 24-hour fitness studio. This month, Bodi N Balance celebrates its 10th anniversary with an open house on November 20th.

Tieche said the company’s focus on personal training has helped her survive for so long. Office manager Bailey VanKirk said Bodi N Balance employs more personal trainers than any other local fitness center.

“We started the business as a personal training business. We were going to people’s homes, ”Tieche said. “So we put together a group of personal trainers and we still have that studio atmosphere. Our group offers 45 years of combined personal training experience.

Tieche said he chooses personal trainers who can view their clients as individuals with unique needs. Coaches develop a fitness program tailored to the client’s health, preferences and goals.

“We’re very customizable, from membership packages to courses to training,” VanKirk said.

When Tieche moved his business to Port Clinton, he said his customer base had become much more diverse. Here, Tieche and her team work with vacationers and permanent residents of all ages, health levels and backgrounds. Bodi N Balance clients include seasoned fitness enthusiasts, people looking to lose weight, athletes, military personnel, adults and children with special needs.

Customers lift weights at Bodi N Balance in Port Clinton.  The fitness studio has a wide variety of clients of all ages and health levels.

“I work with people with Down syndrome, autism and nerve damage. The bigger the challenge, the more I like it, ”Tieche said. “I have trained people aged from 4 to 94 years old.

Some of the clients come to learn strength training, including several who have never lifted weights before. Tieche said they felt strong and empowered.

“I was one of those women,” VanKirk said. “I came here at 30 without ever having been to a gym. Women’s strength training has really taken off.

Another large part of Bodi N Balance’s population is the elderly. Many of them are members of Silver Sneakers, a free national program that offers a variety of benefits, such as free gym membership, to qualified seniors. There are currently around 800 customers registered in the Bodi N Balance Silver Sneakers program, and around 300 of them are active.

“We have a wide range of people here, from an 80-year-old man who waterskiing to others who need to relearn to walk,” Tieche said.

The first time Bailey Vankirk stepped into Bodi N Balance was her first time stepping into a gym.  Today, she is the office manager of the company as well as one of the many women who use the gym for women's strength training.

Classes for seniors range from soft chair classes to active classes with lots of movement. Tieche also offers fitness therapy for clients who have recently been withdrawn from physical therapy.

“We are picking up where the physiotherapists left off,” Tieche said.

Bodi N Balance is thriving more than ever after 10 years in business and has recently updated its facilities with a rack system that will provide even better service to its customers.

“This will allow us to add more equipment… and more people can train at a time,” said Tieche. “We also have a room for privacy, if someone is new and initially uncomfortable being in front of people. But here everyone is so helpful and kind. If anyone is new, our regular members are compassionate and supportive. “

Bodi N Balance will be holding its 10th anniversary open house from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on November 20. Visitors can try out the new equipment, meet the staff, win prizes, try out samples and participate in a free “Pound” class.

Bodi N Balance is located at 3936 Harbor Light Landing Drive, Port Clinton. For more information call 419-732-1000 or visit bodinbalance.com.

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