Online bad credit payday loans- Online payday loans for poor credit: get cash

Do you want to take out a payday loan, but have doubts about which bank offers the best options?

In fact, there are many variants of this type of credit, so informing yourself and planning yourself is essential.

Online payday loans for poor credit: a quick way to get guaranteed cash

Thinking about online payday loans for poor credit. We talk in this article what are they and how to get this credit.

The payday loan is one in which the loan installments are discounted directly from the person’s salary or from his or her retirement, being one of the cheapest credit lines on the market.

It includes people who work on a formal contract, a federal, state and municipal civil servant, and retirees and INSS pensioners, varying the terms of the contract according to the work regime.

This is because it is understood that it is this employment bond that will guarantee the payment of invoices.

This justifies, for example, that public servants, who in theory have a more stable employment, have conditions of interest rates different from those who work under the ABC.

In that sense, the point is that if you get fired or quit your debt will continue to exist, which can turn into a snowball.

Having said that, although it is a great option in many cases, it is essential to organize so that you do not end up complicated even more.

Also be aware and confirm with the bank if it is being released consigned loan even. Some banks end up waking up with the customer a personal credit (without them knowing), on the premise of releasing higher credit value, whereas in personal credit interest rates are usually higher.

Know, then, that we need to be properly informed in order to make a more assertive decision, we have made a list on how to give the consigned loan in the main banks of the country.

The interest rates and the payment conditions offered. Check out:

1. Savings Bank

Federal bank is one of the most sought after options for this line of credit, as it is a well remembered bank and offers good rates for its customers.

It meets all the categories mentioned above, with the interest rate for retirees and pensioners being 1.95% per month, for civil servants 1.80% and for private workers 2.09%.

The amount of the loan varies according to the salary of the one who will receive the amount, but generally from 2019 this should not exceed 35% of their maturities (which applies to all banks).

2. Italian Bank

In turn, interest rates at Itaú are the highest, varying as follows: for retirees and pensioners of 2.10% per month, for public servants 2.36% and for private workers 3.03%.

Therefore, it is important to look at the numbers, because even though it offers up to 60 months to pay, the final figure may not be as advantageous as you might imagine.

3. Italian Bank Consigned

However, which belongs to the same group, but specializes in this type of credit, offering more interesting numbers.

At the level of example, here the interest rate for retirees and pensioners of the INSS falls from 2.10% practiced in the agency to up to 1.71% of Consigned. It is worth checking!

Have doubts between contracting a financing in a bank or financial agency, read our article and find out which one is the most advantageous.

4. Brother Bank

In relation to the previous ones, the payday loan of Brad is advantageous for public servants.

In addition, for retirees and pensioners this figure is 1.89% per month and for private workers 2.43%.

5. Brad Bank

There is also the option to look for Brad Bank, which is part of the Brad group, but specializes in payday loans (something similar to Itaú, for example), offering even lower rates: for INSS retirees and pensioners, they range from 1, 65% to 2.08%.

6. Central Bank

Among these agency banks there is also the payday loan of Central, which also contests with despite having slightly higher rates.

For retirees and pensioners this number would be 2.04%, for civil servants would be 2.03% and private workers 2.69%.

That way, we hope to have exemplified the importance of thoroughly evaluating the conditions before deciding on which bank to pick up your payday loan!

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