Maximize Your Home Workout With This AI-Powered VR Fitness Studio

It hasn’t been a very good year for gyms. As if you needed another excuse not to go, the COVID-19 virus is particularly likely to spread in places where people breathe heavily in close proximity to each other. This means that optimizing your home workout has become more important than ever for physical health and fitness. And the best way to do it is with Tempo Studio.

The Tempo Studio is the perfect way for you to get the care and attention of a personal trainer without leaving your home. Much like a real human trainer, Tempo Studio will provide you with feedback and encouragement tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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The first sign that the Tempo Studio isn’t your typical home exercise setup is its all-in-one package. The Tempo Studio includes a bar, plates, dumbbells, training mat, recovery roller and heart rate monitor. But despite all the equipment, you only need five feet of floor space to use it effectively. However, this gear is far from the main reason to take the plunge and make Tempo Studio part of your home exercise routine: it would be the 42-inch HD easel screen that serves as your room. gym away from the gym. .

The Tempo Studio uses cutting-edge technology to provide care and attention far beyond that of a conventional trainer. Its 3D motion capture technology can analyze your form and deliver the kind of information about your exercise that was previously only available to professional athletes and wealthy fitness enthusiasts. Through a process known as Tempo Vision, your body will be analyzed by 30 pulses of infrared light per second that combine to form a granular 3D model of your body detailed up to 80,000 individual points. Tempo Vision uses all of this data to do everything from counting your reps, monitoring your heart rate, making recommendations on your weight and more.

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Just because the Tempo Studio is the best and brightest artificially intelligent personal trainer doesn’t mean you’ll be missing the real human touch in your home workout. A Tempo subscription will also give you access to live trainers who help optimize your exercise in real time. If you’re the competitive type, you might be especially interested in Tempo’s challenge mode, which lets you test your stamina against other Tempo users around the world.

Tempo Studio’s list of live personal trainers is one of the best available, at a level of their profession that was previously only available to wealthier members of gyms in New York or Los Angeles. And there’s a full library of on-demand workouts when you can’t make it to a live session, with personalized commentary and ratings delivered via artificial intelligence.

With most of us locked up at home in greater numbers than ever before, it’s easy to let go of fitness and regular exercise. But with Tempo Studio and the membership, there’s no reason to let your good gym habits slip away. In fact, it’s a great way to improve those good habits even further.

If you have the space and the willingness to use a Tempo studio for your home workout, head over to the Tempo online store here and order yours now.

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