Level One Fitness Studio opens in South Beach!

Level One by Lagree is a unique fitness studio that implements one of the most dynamic, effective and challenging workouts in the fitness industry: The Lagree Method, using the only EVO Megaformer and Microformer machines in the entire Miami area.

The Lagrée method is the perfect alternative or complement to high intensity training such as Crossfit. HIT or HIIT is an effective method for improving body composition; Unfortunately, high-intensity training also places a heavy impact on the joints, which can lead to injury over time.

Lagree Fitness solves this problem by offering a workout (50 minutes for the whole body) that is both high intensity, low impact and adaptable to all fitness levels and ages. Lagree Fitness effectively combines strength, endurance, cardio, core, balance and flexibility training not just in 1 session, but with every movement. Lagree Fitness improves body composition while focusing on muscular endurance training, which is a proven method to strengthen, tighten and sculpt the body quickly and safely.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama, Jennifer Aniston, Sofia Vergara, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Jeremy Piven, Ashley Graham, Sacha Baron Cohen and many more swear by the Lagree Fitness method and the training on a Megaformer.

Adela and Jürgen Lampl, Austrian husband and wife, opened their brand new beautiful and welcoming studio at 959 West Avenue, Suite 13, Miami Beach, Fl., 33139 in November 2021 due to their love and passion for the method and fitness.

This boutique studio is equipped with 7 EVO Megaformer machines. They are both big fans of Ibiza and house music, so they decided to keep not only the music but also the optics and the spirit of the studio in this style.

Training never gets boring, it’s always hard, sweaty, you can forget about all the stress of your day as your brain and body are forced to focus during the whole class. You also feel and see the results very quickly.

The first course is only $20, in addition to offering different packages, as well as a monthly subscription (unlimited, without contract).

Level One by Lagree offers clients not only group classes, but also private studio classes for singles and couples, as well as private sessions on Microformer, which is a portable version of Megaformer that allows them to take machine and drive anywhere. their customers prefer the comfort of their home or the outdoors.

Adela and Jürgen are not only Lagree certified instructors, but also certified personal trainers. Along with their studio classes, they also offer private personal training targeted and customized to clients’ needs, using weights, bodyweight, TRX and many more.

Also for their senior clients, they have a special workout that helps them manage their daily activities, strengthen their joints, stretch hip flexors, build muscles around their knees, improve balance, flexibility and their overall strength, all of which are crucial to leading an active and injury-free life.

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