Gym and fitness studio owners disappointed with mandatory closures as they find ways to cope

According to the Department of Health, organized outdoor exercise programs and classes may continue, subject to a class size of 30 in total. In this context, the size of the groups should be limited to five, with a distance of 3 m between each group.

However, Ms. Chen said it seemed “contradictory” to the overall intention of reducing crowds as it might encourage more people to congregate in the parks.

“It’s a recipe for disaster, simply because we have few parks in Singapore where this kind of course will be allowed, and on top of that you have more people who, as we learned during the period if the circuit was cut, they would flood the parks.

Mr Mhosomboon said the outdoors could present a potential alternative to classes in the gym, but there needs to be more clarity on how things can be done.

“We have to wait and see in the next few days if there are any clearer parameters that we need to take note of,” he added.

As for its launch, it may have no other choice but to postpone it.

“I’ve been planning for several months now, and then to have this setback. I consider it just another setback, “he said.” Since I’ve been waiting so long, I’ll wait another month. “


Since gyms and fitness studios have been affected throughout the pandemic, those CNA spoke to noted that the move would hurt their business.

For Ms. Chen of Terra Luna Yoga, she said that she signed a new lease last month and would now feel the pain “more intensely”.

She had decided to move to a new space that would be more conducive for customers in the midst of the pandemic, as well as to better adhere to the safety distance requirements.

“The location we chose – the fact that it had big windows, a bigger space, was just because we knew COVID-19 was not going to leave us and there was already some management. on the government side to handle the situation, “she said.

“But clearly, even if you can cover your bases with all these kinds of metrics, it’s clearly not enough… Now I wonder if it was a good idea to continue the business. If I had known this was going to happen, I would have stopped. “

Mr Koh of F45 Upper Thomson said it was important for owners to help affected gyms and studios during this time.

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“Homeowners should also share the social burden to stem the pandemic. Not just the tenants. Many owners have multiple properties with multiple tenants still in business. The financial impact is not important for them but it is for us, ”said Mr. Koh.

He noted that operators like him could potentially see a drop in their revenues of between 80 and 100 percent during this period.

“Charging rent means that fitness companies that pay white-collar wages can have problems meeting payroll if everything goes to rent. This fundamentally flies in the face of society and what policy makers wanted, which was the absorption of those who lost their jobs. “

Ms. Tang said WeBarre was operating at around 60 to 70 percent of its usual capacity even before the closures were announced.

“We are already strained in terms of profit margins and revenues, even in phase 3. So I think this is something where we also have to be foresight and be careful,” she said.

“Our main priority is for business to stay afloat and our team to stay afloat with their livelihoods… This is definitely something that concerns us a lot, and we try to think of all the creative solutions so that we can move on. through those three weeks, and not be too far away next month. “

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