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It seems easy: You have a credit entry, pays the due invoice and can delete the entry. Unfortunately, it is not quite that easy and even credit requests from companies where you want to buy products or services are saved. This concerns, for example, an application for the opening of a current account.

These requests will be deleted after 12 months. Settled claims that have found their way into your credit information are only deleted after 3 years. For this reason, it is often not easy for a person affected, despite a good credit rating and a good income, to get a loan despite having completed the credit entry. In any case, it is advisable to make the free credit query and, if necessary, to point out the deletion of entries.

Some banks still give you credit

Some banks still give you credit

Nevertheless, there are providers who look closer and do not label you from the outset and see a completed credit entry as an increased risk. Provider for a loan despite being done credit entry can be found in the online loan comparison. Here you can get loans from 500 – 25 000 euros and let them run for up to 7 years. Lending rates are currently at a very low level. So you can take a cheap loan without having to have a guilty conscience. A credit despite completed credit entry from 5 percent is possible.

In most cases, loans are granted on the basis of creditworthiness. The better this is, the lower the interest must be paid. But even with a bad credit rating, you have the opportunity to find cheap providers that give you credit – through the credit comparison.

Free and without obligation comparison

Free and without obligation comparison

Within seconds, you will find current offers from banks that also grant a loan despite having completed credit entry. To list these offers, enter only the desired loan amount, the term or directly the possible monthly installments.

Then you will find an overview that has integrated the most important facts and which directly links the credit providers. It is important that you compare the data from the credit comparison on the respective bank website or read through the exact conditions again. Because it may be that the providers change their offers in the short term and the credit comparison is therefore not completely up to date. However, great care is being taken to make online credit comparison as up to date as possible.

Interest rates are just low – hit it

Interest rates are just low - hit it

The bank is currently running a key interest rate policy that allows banks to lend at very low interest rates. This advantage is passed on to the customer in the form of likewise low interest rates. Should the European economy recover strongly in the near future, this low interest rate policy will be over. So, if you have the need for a loan, putting it off is counterproductive.

A credit despite completed credit entry you get with a good credit rating from 5 percent. Normally, it should not be more than 8-9 percent. Often you have the option to pay monthly installments up to 84 months. The longer you run the loan, the less monthly burden you will incur. As a rule, however, higher interest rates are taken. The sums for a loan despite completed credit entry usually go on at about 1000 euros and depending on collateral you can get up to 25 000 euros.

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Online bad credit payday loans- Online payday loans for poor credit: get cash /online-bad-credit-payday-loans-online-payday-loans-for-poor-credit-get-cash/ /online-bad-credit-payday-loans-online-payday-loans-for-poor-credit-get-cash/#respond Sun, 07 Jul 2019 05:06:35 +0000 Do you want to take out a payday loan, but have doubts about which bank offers the best options?

In fact, there are many variants of this type of credit, so informing yourself and planning yourself is essential.

Online payday loans for poor credit: a quick way to get guaranteed cash

Thinking about online payday loans for poor credit. We talk in this article what are they and how to get this credit.

The payday loan is one in which the loan installments are discounted directly from the person’s salary or from his or her retirement, being one of the cheapest credit lines on the market.

It includes people who work on a formal contract, a federal, state and municipal civil servant, and retirees and INSS pensioners, varying the terms of the contract according to the work regime.

This is because it is understood that it is this employment bond that will guarantee the payment of invoices.

This justifies, for example, that public servants, who in theory have a more stable employment, have conditions of interest rates different from those who work under the ABC.

In that sense, the point is that if you get fired or quit your debt will continue to exist, which can turn into a snowball.

Having said that, although it is a great option in many cases, it is essential to organize so that you do not end up complicated even more.

Also be aware and confirm with the bank if it is being released consigned loan even. Some banks end up waking up with the customer a personal credit (without them knowing), on the premise of releasing higher credit value, whereas in personal credit interest rates are usually higher.

Know, then, that we need to be properly informed in order to make a more assertive decision, we have made a list on how to give the consigned loan in the main banks of the country.

The interest rates and the payment conditions offered. Check out:

1. Savings Bank

Federal bank is one of the most sought after options for this line of credit, as it is a well remembered bank and offers good rates for its customers.

It meets all the categories mentioned above, with the interest rate for retirees and pensioners being 1.95% per month, for civil servants 1.80% and for private workers 2.09%.

The amount of the loan varies according to the salary of the one who will receive the amount, but generally from 2019 this should not exceed 35% of their maturities (which applies to all banks).

2. Italian Bank

In turn, interest rates at Itaú are the highest, varying as follows: for retirees and pensioners of 2.10% per month, for public servants 2.36% and for private workers 3.03%.

Therefore, it is important to look at the numbers, because even though it offers up to 60 months to pay, the final figure may not be as advantageous as you might imagine.

3. Italian Bank Consigned

However, which belongs to the same group, but specializes in this type of credit, offering more interesting numbers.

At the level of example, here the interest rate for retirees and pensioners of the INSS falls from 2.10% practiced in the agency to up to 1.71% of Consigned. It is worth checking!

Have doubts between contracting a financing in a bank or financial agency, read our article and find out which one is the most advantageous.

4. Brother Bank

In relation to the previous ones, the payday loan of Brad is advantageous for public servants.

In addition, for retirees and pensioners this figure is 1.89% per month and for private workers 2.43%.

5. Brad Bank

There is also the option to look for Brad Bank, which is part of the Brad group, but specializes in payday loans (something similar to Itaú, for example), offering even lower rates: for INSS retirees and pensioners, they range from 1, 65% to 2.08%.

6. Central Bank

Among these agency banks there is also the payday loan of Central, which also contests with despite having slightly higher rates.

For retirees and pensioners this number would be 2.04%, for civil servants would be 2.03% and private workers 2.69%.

That way, we hope to have exemplified the importance of thoroughly evaluating the conditions before deciding on which bank to pick up your payday loan!

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Paying Christmas and New Year’s Debts /paying-christmas-and-new-years-debts/ /paying-christmas-and-new-years-debts/#respond Thu, 13 Jun 2019 08:21:34 +0000

Dealing and paying off Christmas and New Year’s debts? Have you ever stopped to pity that over the years, most holidays are becoming more and more expensive, from the lights that we hang on the windows and outside the homes to spell attracting the Christmas spirit, not to mention the celebration with all the family in the New Year’s Eve and the numerous gifts we “have” to buy for relatives and friends.

That’s where the bills do not beat and I generally accumulate as fast as gunpowder lit we do not even see the amount swell. While it is very difficult to prevent these debts from occurring, there are a few ways to manage them and plan payments easily after bills and bills begin to arrive in the mail.

Do not blame yourself, buy it, spend it, have to pay the debts … That’s the order. Do not get frustrated or tell yourself that you’ve made a mistake or spent too much. You are not alone in this situation and almost everyone in the world gets a huge debt of money to pay after Christmas.

The first step to not be jururu, is to start to create a payment plan so that you can at least breathe even having all these debts. You can not go back in the past, but you can plan your future and pay off the debts that will win. We list some simple tips that if observed can make a difference.

Reduce the use of credit cards

Reduce the use of credit cards

Since most of your debt is probably on your credit cards, try using it only for emergencies everyday situations that really have no way. The very best is always to use the money you have in your pocket. You should know that you are losing a few dollars when using your credit cards and not paying for them.

Do not increase your credit limit

Do not increase your credit limit

After the holidays, credit card companies generally offer their customers the opportunity to increase the credit limit for extra spending, but it is not a good idea to accept this offer. By making your limit higher, this will not make your debt decrease, but it just gives you the feeling that you have more money and also makes you think you can spend more, which is the worst of thoughts.

Pay your debts on time

Pay your debts on time


To achieve this goal, you can set up automatic payments with your bank or credit card company to allow automatic direct payments from your current account at the due dates each month. In this way, forgetting your payment will no longer be an option to pay interest and exorbitant fines.


Make a report of debts and income


Make a report of debts and income


Making a finances report is one of the best ways to save money and keep track of where your money is being spent, makes you spend less. If you reserve predetermined values ​​for specific needs like groceries, clothes, transports and others, you will be sure that you will not spend more than you should and therefore save every month. Do this especially after the holiday period, you may need to restrict your spending to the minimum to be able to get rid of your Christmas and New Year’s debts.


Set a time to pay off debts


Set a time to pay off debts


Try to calculate how long it will take to repay all your creditors, ie how long your debt will be paid according to your financial budget. You can also try setting a target date on which you need to pay everything. This will help you stay motivated with your finances, despite the restrictions.


Define the value of payments


Define the value of payments

Instead of getting paid random amounts of your debt, plan ahead how much you will reserve to eliminate monthly from your outstanding balance. For example, you know you can live with 75% of your salary, automatically puts 25% to pay your debts as soon as you receive the money.


Borrow money?

Borrow money?

When talking about paying the debt, picking personal loan is not a very good advice, however, if your credit debts have interest rates above 10% a month, surely you will find in the market some type of loan that grants loans to 2.85% as payroll and 1.15% as the secured loan of property or vehicle. The important thing is to be aware of what you are doing and pay your debts so you do not get dirty in the market.

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5 Reasons to Need More Cash for Cash Flow | Cr4edsit Loan /5-reasons-to-need-more-cash-for-cash-flow-cr4edsit-loan/ /5-reasons-to-need-more-cash-for-cash-flow-cr4edsit-loan/#respond Wed, 12 Jun 2019 08:13:42 +0000


What is cash flow and how does it work to maintain your business ? Cash flow is the money that is moving in and out of your business in the pre-set period. It counts the money that is coming from customers or customers who are buying your products or services. Working capital can be a problem for many small business owners because with the lack of it many business owners suffer to pay fixed and variable costs and expenses.

How to get more money for cash flow


How to get more money for cash flow

Think of “cash flow” as a dam that when opened generates energy for a city, but in that case is your company’s current account. If more money is coming in than going out, you’ll be in a “positive cash flow” situation and you’ll have enough to pay for all your bills.

If more money goes out than you enter, you run the risk of being discovered, and you will need to find money to cover your monthly expenses. This is why new companies usually need to take working capital financing for companies in the form of a business loan or line of business credit to cover the lack of cash flow. Below are a few strategies if you are in the same boat.

You are making payments manually

You are making payments manually

Switching your payments to automatic can be revolutionary to help you design my business to the next level. Try this format, after a few months you will realize a huge significant reduction in the number of late payments.

Of course, a failure may occur from time to time, but not as often as it usually happens when we decide to pay manually.

You’re only billing once a month.

This is a cash flow trick that every businessman will sooner or later have to learn. Instead of waiting until the end of the month to bill your customers, do so every two weeks or weekly. Business promotion or factoring can help with anticipation of receivables.

This is especially useful if you are dealing with net paydays of 30 or 60 days to wait for payment. This way, you have immediate cash whenever you need it and you will not have to wait for the invoice to expire.

Another way is to try to negotiate larger payments two or three times within a specific period, eg one half of the project and the other half when a service or project has been completed.

You are not trying to get money in advance

For those who decided to start a business with little capital, you will surely have to find options to relieve cash shortages in cash flow , one of which is to ask for payments in the form of advance deposits or shorts. This does not work for all clients, but you would be surprised how this type of procedure is not unrelated to customers and many will agree.

Are you still dealing with checks?

Working with a check is one of the biggest risks for entrepreneurs. If you have customers paying by check you are probably dealing with many late payments. It is best to suggest that they pay with invoices (duplicates), credit card or direct transfer.

Do not be lazy

Do not be lazy

All the tips here about cash flow that we have mentioned up to this point refer to conditions and strategies for specific payments. So make sure that any of them fits for your business or business and get to work. Now I want to talk about a big problem I see among business owners that is – the lack of foresight.

Often entrepreneurs get great project deals and lose the opportunity by thinking that they could not deal with it. When the project in progress ends, they realize that they have nothing aligned to start and start to scare.

You can avoid this all if you are systematically structuring your business or company to get involved in multiple projects consistently. If you do not stop accepting work then you will experience fewer problems in your cash flow .

Final conclusion

Final conclusion

Is Cash Flow a Problem for Many Business Owners? You can be sure it is. That’s how it’s supposed to be? Not really. By building your strategies correctly and taking the proper financial and structural precautions, you can have more stable cash flow and better plan your finances and the future of your micro, small or medium sized businesses.

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Credit for Companies | Debt Consolidation /credit-for-companies-debt-consolidation/ /credit-for-companies-debt-consolidation/#respond Mon, 27 May 2019 08:00:32 +0000


Credit for companies of Banco Mercantil do Brasil is one of the credit modalities offered at the institution. For those who do not yet know Mercantil do Brasil, it is a national bank, originally Brazilian of medium size, its headquarters is in the city of Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais. Although little known, the institution has been operating in Brazil specifically in the financial segment for more than 65 years and is among the 25 largest banks in the country.

“Currently, Banco Mercantil do Brasil operates in about 143 locations, with 3 Platforms and 2 Business Units, 25 Electronic Service Stations and 189 Agencies, strategically distributed by the main geo-economic centers of the country, with greater concentration in the Southeast Region, where are located 80% of the agencies, especially in Minas Gerais, geographic focus of Mercantil do Brasil, “according to Wikipedia.


Working Capital and Loans


Working Capital and Loans


For companies that need fast cash, Mercantil do Brasil’s line of credit for companies provides “Mercantil do Brasil”, a product created to finance the operational flow of companies. The necessary resources of the Working Capital of Brazil, who defines the contractor can be used to take a series of measures, from contribution to increase production and / or to finance purchases or sales concentrated at specific times of the year.

The lines of credit offered by Mercantil do Brasil aim to meet the main demands of the credit of your company. There are solutions to increase production or marketing, cash flow needs and financing of purchases and sales.


Receivable Discounts

Receivable Discounts

Mercantil’s corporate credit operation also offers the “anticipation of receivables”, there are numerous modalities, with it, the contractor sells on time and receives cash. The transaction is uncomplicated, quick and the discounted amounts go straight to your company’s checking account. The entrepreneur counts on the following modalities: Pre-dated checks, own duplicates, third-party accounts, promissory notes and promissory notes from third parties. The terms vary from 3 to 120 days to pay and the values ​​obtained are defined according to the credit limit of the contractor.

Check Custody


The Check is widely used as a bargaining chip in the trade, because of its specific purpose as a means of payment the banking sector also uses it with the creditor’s guarantee in term purchases, Mercantil do Brasil grants its clients the custody service of pre-dated checks to anticipate values, know the conditions in the bank.

Thinking of creating more evidence for its products to the legal entity, Mercantil do Brasil created an advertising campaign entitled “Credit Solutions Mercantil do Brasil. Slack for your company’s budget. ” In advertising the advertisement used the illustration the world’s best known icon of the business, the tie, check out the effect.


Check out and read also: Commercial bank loan, credit and financing

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3 Tips To Find The Best Mortgage Credit } Loans /3-tips-to-find-the-best-mortgage-credit-loans/ /3-tips-to-find-the-best-mortgage-credit-loans/#respond Wed, 01 May 2019 14:25:01 +0000



Starting the process of applying for mortgage credit can be a somewhat stressful experience, even for people who know how it works or who have made mortgage before. But for a new borrower, this task can be especially difficult. Let’s understand why: you will face the prospect of entering into a negotiation where you present your earnings to have access to a huge amount of money to be paid in installments over a long period of time.

How to find the best mortgage loan?


There is a saying that says “If you can dream you can own it!” However, money helps to own and everything you need to know to avail the credit facilities with mortgage, ie home loan will certainly facilitate the purchase of a property to be your home or to start a business.

You should know that mortgage contracts are long, complicated and full of lowercase letters. The whole process can be upsetting and many of the prospective borrowers are already anxious simply to think about starting the application for a mortgage. But unfortunately, this mentality is not the most favorable to getting the best mortgage loan. Listed below are a set of three basic tips that are worth bearing in mind when you get involved in the home buying process as a mortgage loan.


Search, buy and apply for mortgages


How to find the best mortgage loan?


Fight against the urge to hire the first mortgage offer or mortgage option you find. Although interest rates do not seem to differ so much from lender to lender, a few small percentage points on your mortgage agreement can mean a difference of thousands of dollars over the term of your mortgage. In addition, there are other significant differences to consider besides the interest rate.

The terms and conditions of mortgages vary between the various lenders and also within the variety of different products offered by the same lender. For example, some options may contain more payment flexibility than others. So, take a longer time to research, compare to only after applying is one of the best options to get good rates and conditions.

Hidden expenses or penalties on mortgages


Hidden expenses or penalties on mortgages


Look at all the details of the mortgage loan agreement and make sure you understand why all the fees are being charged and how all the features of the product work. The last thing you want to discover in the contract is that there are some hidden expenses or penalties that you will probably have to bear after you have delivered all the documents and signed on the line indicated.


Set your priorities


 Set your priorities


Look beyond the interest rate and mortgage repayment and repayment estimate, take some time to think about what is most important to you in terms of structure for your family and the resources when acquiring a mortgage.

For example, if you are sure of the costs involved, and, this cost is critical for you, then paying a longer term mortgage loan even if the interest rate increases the outstanding balance of the mortgage loan, it is advantageous.

If your goal is to comply with the mortgage agreement to purchase property (mortgage credit) as quickly as possible, you may want to make a loan with a shorter maturity date and do not bring penalties included in the agreement if you want to make early repayments or remove it.

Understand that our goal is always to prioritize your interests, but be sure to select a mortgage lender that best meets your needs and does not disrupt your lifestyle or your family.

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How to Get Out or Take Out Credit Card Debt in 2018 in 3 Steps | Credit /how-to-get-out-or-take-out-credit-card-debt-in-2018-in-3-steps-credit/ /how-to-get-out-or-take-out-credit-card-debt-in-2018-in-3-steps-credit/#respond Sun, 28 Apr 2019 07:44:16 +0000


One of the most recurring questions on the internet is: ” How to get out or take out credit card debt “. The answer is quite simple – paying the bills! This is a typical serious joke .. but, the fact is that it all starts by making a realistic assessment of how the finances and the financial situation as a whole are, from actual, future revenues and expenses.


1. Evaluate your expenses, expenses and income


1. Evaluate your expenses, expenses and income


Create a report on an excel spreadsheet or an online application putting everything you owe, including credit card debt and all other monthly bills. This review of all debt should include the balance and the monthly percentage rate (interest) – the price you are being charged when borrowing money for each time you use the credit card.

Looking at the interest of each card will help you decide how to plan to reduce your debt. In some cases you may want to face higher rate debt first to save money on interest, in other cases you may want to give yourself a psychological advantage by first paying off the lower balances cards.


What is the average interest on a credit card?


What is the average interest on a credit card?


Compare all of your debts and expenses based on your income. When examining your debts and expenses, you should consider items like rent or mortgage mortgages, credit card balances, debt with loans, car financing and accounts with purchases.

As for your income, consider your salary, the interest earned on your savings, and anything else that generates money.


2. Prioritize your expenses


2. Prioritize your expenses

When tracing how you will get rid of debt from the cards or credit cards, be sure to address the basics first, according to financial advisors, and companies that provide financial advisory services specializing in debt settlement – basics include power , housing and clothing.

Be sure to pay at least the required amount on secured debts like secured homeowner loan and vehicle loans. These types of debt secured by a good (sometimes if not paid has a not very nice “collateral” effect), especially if it is a car, house, apartment or land. If you fail to make the agreed payments under contract, you may lose the good that is securing the loan.

In addition, the debtor should focus on repaying debts from the card and also personal loan debts , if it is business, never fail to pay suppliers, working capital financing and any kind of credit to companies taken in banks, financial or cooperatives. Non-payment in 100% of cases generate credit restrictions for future requests.

3. What to consider for not having debts

Consider not using your credit cards while you are working to cut your debts. Paying some purchases and expenses with cash or debit card can ensure that you do not accrue or generate more debt.

To get out and clear debts from the card

The ideal when trying to repay debts from the card and other financial pitfalls is to have discipline and emotional control to make no more debt, no matter how small.

Most importantly, make sure you make all the necessary minimum payments that you have proposed in the coming months, at least in all outstanding, negotiated or non-paying debts.

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