Dunfermline fitness studio raises money for defibrillator after Dane Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest at Euro

A FITNESS group raised £ 1,700 in a Zumbathon for a community defibrillator after Denmark’s Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest at the Euro.

The rescue device will be installed outside the Inspirefit studio at Elgin Industrial Estate so that the local community has access to it as well.

Inspirefit owner Kelly McMahon said the need for a defibrillator was highlighted after the horrific incident that unfolded during this summer’s big football tournament.

She said: “The father of one of our members also had a heart attack and a defibrillator saved his life, so we thought this was crucial equipment the studio needed.

“We’re going to put it outside the studio so that the whole community has access to it.

“Elgin Industrial Estate is a very busy place and there are also a lot of other recreational businesses such as Crossfit and Judo.”

The Zumbathon lasted three and a half hours and was led by Kelly and her friend, Fiona Dacre.

Kelly added: “We had 51 people participating and we were able to raise £ 1,700.

“We were all a bit tired afterwards to be honest!

“But a lot of people donated, from those who couldn’t participate to the friends of the members.

“It took place at Ballast Bank and the Hillfoot Swifts kindly let us use their land for free.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better day on Saturday from a weather point of view either!”

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