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Credit for companies of Banco Mercantil do Brasil is one of the credit modalities offered at the institution. For those who do not yet know Mercantil do Brasil, it is a national bank, originally Brazilian of medium size, its headquarters is in the city of Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais. Although little known, the institution has been operating in Brazil specifically in the financial segment for more than 65 years and is among the 25 largest banks in the country.

“Currently, Banco Mercantil do Brasil operates in about 143 locations, with 3 Platforms and 2 Business Units, 25 Electronic Service Stations and 189 Agencies, strategically distributed by the main geo-economic centers of the country, with greater concentration in the Southeast Region, where are located 80% of the agencies, especially in Minas Gerais, geographic focus of Mercantil do Brasil, “according to Wikipedia.


Working Capital and Loans


Working Capital and Loans


For companies that need fast cash, Mercantil do Brasil’s line of credit for companies provides “Mercantil do Brasil”, a product created to finance the operational flow of companies. The necessary resources of the Working Capital of Brazil, who defines the contractor can be used to take a series of measures, from contribution to increase production and / or to finance purchases or sales concentrated at specific times of the year.

The lines of credit offered by Mercantil do Brasil aim to meet the main demands of the credit of your company. There are solutions to increase production or marketing, cash flow needs and financing of purchases and sales.


Receivable Discounts

Receivable Discounts

Mercantil’s corporate credit operation also offers the “anticipation of receivables”, there are numerous modalities, with it, the contractor sells on time and receives cash. The transaction is uncomplicated, quick and the discounted amounts go straight to your company’s checking account. The entrepreneur counts on the following modalities: Pre-dated checks, own duplicates, third-party accounts, promissory notes and promissory notes from third parties. The terms vary from 3 to 120 days to pay and the values ​​obtained are defined according to the credit limit of the contractor.

Check Custody


The Check is widely used as a bargaining chip in the trade, because of its specific purpose as a means of payment the banking sector also uses it with the creditor’s guarantee in term purchases, Mercantil do Brasil grants its clients the custody service of pre-dated checks to anticipate values, know the conditions in the bank.

Thinking of creating more evidence for its products to the legal entity, Mercantil do Brasil created an advertising campaign entitled “Credit Solutions Mercantil do Brasil. Slack for your company’s budget. ” In advertising the advertisement used the illustration the world’s best known icon of the business, the tie, check out the effect.


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