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It seems easy: You have a credit entry, pays the due invoice and can delete the entry. Unfortunately, it is not quite that easy and even credit requests from companies where you want to buy products or services are saved. This concerns, for example, an application for the opening of a current account.

These requests will be deleted after 12 months. Settled claims that have found their way into your credit information are only deleted after 3 years. For this reason, it is often not easy for a person affected, despite a good credit rating and a good income, to get a loan despite having completed the credit entry. In any case, it is advisable to make the free credit query and, if necessary, to point out the deletion of entries.

Some banks still give you credit

Some banks still give you credit

Nevertheless, there are providers who look closer and do not label you from the outset and see a completed credit entry as an increased risk. Provider for a loan despite being done credit entry can be found in the online loan comparison. Here you can get loans from 500 – 25 000 euros and let them run for up to 7 years. Lending rates are currently at a very low level. So you can take a cheap loan without having to have a guilty conscience. A credit despite completed credit entry from 5 percent is possible.

In most cases, loans are granted on the basis of creditworthiness. The better this is, the lower the interest must be paid. But even with a bad credit rating, you have the opportunity to find cheap providers that give you credit – through the credit comparison.

Free and without obligation comparison

Free and without obligation comparison

Within seconds, you will find current offers from banks that also grant a loan despite having completed credit entry. To list these offers, enter only the desired loan amount, the term or directly the possible monthly installments.

Then you will find an overview that has integrated the most important facts and which directly links the credit providers. It is important that you compare the data from the credit comparison on the respective bank website or read through the exact conditions again. Because it may be that the providers change their offers in the short term and the credit comparison is therefore not completely up to date. However, great care is being taken to make online credit comparison as up to date as possible.

Interest rates are just low – hit it

Interest rates are just low - hit it

The bank is currently running a key interest rate policy that allows banks to lend at very low interest rates. This advantage is passed on to the customer in the form of likewise low interest rates. Should the European economy recover strongly in the near future, this low interest rate policy will be over. So, if you have the need for a loan, putting it off is counterproductive.

A credit despite completed credit entry you get with a good credit rating from 5 percent. Normally, it should not be more than 8-9 percent. Often you have the option to pay monthly installments up to 84 months. The longer you run the loan, the less monthly burden you will incur. As a rule, however, higher interest rates are taken. The sums for a loan despite completed credit entry usually go on at about 1000 euros and depending on collateral you can get up to 25 000 euros.

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