Brrrn Expands Brand With Home Fitness Equipment, The Brrrn Board

Brrrn is bringing the slideboard experience to fitness enthusiasts nationwide to create a new category of home fitness – with cutting edge programming, a variety of workout genres, recovery and “brrreathwork” content. Whether you are a competitive athlete or someone just starting your fitness journey, the Brrrn Board inspires you to move by providing a fun, low to high impact training experience that is challenging and as easy to use as it is. ‘to be stored at home.

Brrrn recognized the white space in the connected fitness category and created the Brrrn Board to offer a streamlined solution to a great workout at home with a more affordable price than existing market offerings and no assembly required. Brrrn’s On-Demand Library includes high-quality, instructor-led workout videos in the following categories: Slide, Core, Cardio Sculpt, Bootcamp, Recovery, Brrreath, and Brrrnouts (Do-It-Yourself Daily Challenges). Videos are categorized by 10, 20 and 30 minute workouts to fit any schedule and new content will be added to the library regularly. Brrrn has teamed up with Silicon Valley-based startup to stream popular music for their workout videos.

“As the fitness industry continues to evolve, we’ve seen the demand for home workout equipment and content, and as a brand, we knew early on that we wanted to bring our personalized Slide experience into. everyone’s living rooms, ”said Johnny Adamic, co-founder. “We’ve incorporated our signature studio experience into the Brrrn Board, a one-of-a-kind workout with performance-oriented digital content, for an opportunity to continue helping people grow stronger and live healthier lives. “

Brrrn has an exclusive partnership with UltraSlide® to manufacture the Brrrn Board, a custom 6ft x 19.75 inch slideboard. Since 1993, UltraSlide has proudly supplied slideboard training products to professional, Olympic and varsity teams and athletes around the world.

Brrrn launched its flagship studio in New York City in May 2018 and generated early momentum by being the first of more than 38,000 studios in the United States and the only one in the world to combine exposure to cool temperatures with exercise to optimize the fitness experience. Additionally, Brrrn was the first to incorporate slideboard exercise equipment into group fitness classes with dedicated Slide programming, low impact movements designed to improve balance, mobility, core strength, stability and endurance.

“As a former Division 1 athlete, I used to do strength training and cardio daily on slide boards. We hope the benefits of the Brrrn Board will appeal to a wider user base, because we have seen his popularity grow in our studio. “mentioned Jimmy T. Martin, co-founder. “Our high-quality content will provide the community aspect of group fitness with top-notch instructors and programming designed for everyone, regardless of their fitness level.”

The Brrrn Board is available on for $ 399 with a monthly subscription to the content of $ 19.99. Follow Brrrn on Instagram @Brrrn and Facebook and Twitter @thebrrrn | #brrrnboard #feelthebrrrn

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About Brrrn
In May 2018, Brrrn launched in New York City. The research-driven concept is founded by Jimmy T. Martin and Johnny Adamic. In july 2020, Brrrn expanded the brand with a home fitness platform and the launch of a custom slideboard, the Brrrn Board.


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