Black woman-owned boutique fitness studio at ATL brings technology and entertainment to wellness

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Have you ever wanted to walk through the rainforest, cycle through a city on a bicycle in another country, or even participate in a music video? You’ll be happy to know you can do all of this and more at the gym. Not just any gym, however. If you are ready, you can have such experiences through walks in the new boutique fitness studio Cycmode, located in Buckhead, Georgia. Owned and operated by fitness enthusiast Tasha White, the 4,000 square foot Health Club is home to immersive indoor cycling, yoga workouts, and HIIT and strength classes. The most notable attraction, however, comes from the rides in front of a 60-foot wall-to-wall curved video screen. The space, always filled with good vibes and even better tunes, lets you practice on the “pure water” of the Migos while the video plays in front of you during an MVR (music video ride). You can also take The Trip courses, allowing you to be transported to another world where you climb and sprint, while still on your bike. Another space in the gym has a 40ft wide video screen for HIIT and high energy yoga. Boxing will soon be offered. These unique workouts are what sets Cycmode apart and let the competition know that White’s facility is here to stay.

She opened her first studio while living in Chicago in 2017 with only indoor cycling available. The goal from the start for White was to bring “a touch of fitness”. Eventually, it headed south and opened its location in Atlanta last March, expanding the types of classes and bringing technology and entertainment to wellness. “Immersive fitness has come true,” she says of her gym’s slogan and while pointing out the difference between her space and others.

“When you go to a traditional brick and mortar bike studio, you have bikes in a room, it can be dark, you have a mirror behind the instructor with music,” she told ESSENCE. “They tell you to climb and stand and run and turn and bend and all these things, but you can actually do all these things here. We have virtual technology where you can actually see it versus the imaginary. “

White has found a way to compete with the growing list of well-known Instagram trainers and seasoned fitness veterans making waves in Atlanta, many of whom are men. She didn’t have to throw caution to the wind to get there. As she builds her client base, a feat in the COVID era, she wants to make sure all members are safe. In the cycling room, one in two of the 35 bikes available is ignored to maintain distance and comfort. The bikes are always full and the gorgeous studio continues to attract people like Tennille Cooley from Douglasville, Georgia. She has been a member since the opening of Cycmode in the spring.

“I’ve always been a supporter of celebrating black-owned businesses, especially black girl magic,” Cooley said. “It’s not a lot of us who do it like that. You know, we have an old building, old equipment because we have to start [somewhere]. These are humble beginnings and there is nothing wrong with that. But when you see the opportunity to get the funding and the capital, you can come in here and they’re like, “Oh! Is it a black owned business? Yes! It’s because of the perception we’re given of a black-owned business: we’re in tatters, we’re not on time, we have nothing together, or the system crashes. You don’t have that here. So when you see it, you want to help raise it up and celebrate it.

As Cycmode grows, the plan is to bring it to local colleges and universities to involve students. White wants to build a franchise model with historically black colleges and universities (HBCUS) such as Spelman and empower the younger generation to make an impact, including sharing the benefits of exercise.

“What we’re looking to do is expand to these campuses and hire their students to be trainers,” White said. “It will teach them about the business and how to run a business. You have to find ways to keep fitness fun and to motivate us, especially in the black community. “

If you’re interested in what Cycmode has to offer but can’t experience one of the gym’s intense rides and other options in person, you can join Cycmode Digital from September 18th. It will provide Atlanta residents and those nationwide (and the world too) with live streamed classes for home subscribers. For more details, please visit

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