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Being Strong Fitness Studio lives up to its name! The gym braved the COVID-19 storm with its chin up, kept morale up for its members and staff, and stayed strong for another big round. Local gym co-owner Nahida Khanum tells us that the outlook for fitness enthusiasts has changed forever, with members taking their bodies more seriously than ever. Nahida talks about getting fit during the pandemic and her special wedding package for those who are getting married.

Nahida with a friend
Nahida with a friend

As your members return to the gym, do you see a change in their perspective on health and fitness?

After the health crises associated with COVID-19, people’s general outlook on health and fitness has changed a lot. In our pandemic experience, we’ve observed that the convenience of digital training levels off pretty quickly. Members always appreciate a one-on-one when it comes to their fitness. Being present on the gym floor with trainers also removes the monotony of home workouts.

How has 2021 been for you and the gym?

It has been difficult to survive in this industry, and keeping people interested, active and invested has been even more difficult. Working with the team has kept our existing members and others engaged so they don’t turn away fearing infection. We have taken the lockdown and the COVID-19 situation head-on and have not let it stop us or even abandon our future plans.

The wedding and party seasons are back, which means diet and exercise will be guaranteed. What type of training do you offer to keep in shape?

At Being Strong, we seek to make the wedding and party season special by engaging members in our special wedding preparations. This is where we ask a member to train at least five days a week, follow a simple and effective diet and stimulating workout that would involve strength and high intensity programs to keep the body active, even when we are in idle mode.

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